• Perfect Packaging

    “Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” –Steve Jobs

    Part of what makes a product great is how it’s presented, and in this case, how it’s packaged. Have you ever made a purchase decision primarily based on how the packaging looked? Yep, we have too. While your customers will be giving away personal care … read more

  • In 2018, I Resolve to…

    We’re all familiar with New Year’s resolutions, but do you participate? About 41% of Americans typically make at least one New Year’s resolution, and those who purposefully make resolutions are ten times more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. 

    You can probably relate to making a resolution and then … read more

  • Calling All Campers

    Grab your backpack, sleeping bag, compass, and a spirit of adventure — we’re going camping! We’re excited about our camping trade show theme for 2018 and hope you join us for the fun!

    It will all unfold in just a matter of days: Be sure to stop by our booth, also known as Camp Raining Rose, at the ASI Show in Orlando (booth # … read more

  • New Products for 2018

    Are you ready for all-new products coming January 2018? We’re excited to share them with you! Let’s break them down so you’re in the know.

    Lip Sips: Our Lip Sips line of lip balm is designed to match a variety of classic beverages and is formulated with beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, and rosemary extract — plus SPF 15 … read more

  • Ways to Use Your Year-End Budget

    When it comes to your year-end budget, it’s always desirable to use it so you don’t lose it (and avoid the possibility of getting a smaller budget the next year), but you also want to use those dollars wisely. We understand! Fortunately with promotional personal care items, which are extremely useful over a long period of time, you can … read more

  • Myths about the Flu (and How You Can Protect Yourself)

    It’s flu season again, and about 20% of Americans get the virus each year and experience some downright unpleasant symptoms like chills, congestion, and body aches. As a result, we felt it was high time to debunk some of the myths that are out there regarding the flu. Do any of them surprise you?

    1: The flu shot can give you the flu. … read more

  • Why EOS is Better than a Knock-Off Brand

    At Raining Rose, EOSTM Lip Balm is one of our highest quality lip balm offerings — its rich application and all natural ingredients make it a show-stopping promotional item. At the same time, we realize there are several knock-off versions out there that are competing for companies’ dollars. We thought we’d share some of the … read more

  • 5 Creative Uses for the Retainer Case

    Have you tried our Retainer Case? It’s perfect for orthodontic offices (and dental offices that offer ortho care), as they can give them to patients for storing their retainer after braces. A retainer case is essential to post-braces patients considering the expense that braces incur. According to, metal braces cost anywhere … read more

  • 6 Promo Product Ordering Mistakes to Avoid

    Ordering promotional products can be a highly successful process for your company — that is, if you put the right amount of time and effort into it. Like many things, you only get out what you put in, so if you want products that look fantastic, are high in quality, and make a visible impact on recipients, you have to give the process … read more

  • 5 Tips for Being Memorable to Your Customers

    In a competitive industry like the promotional products industry, it can be difficult to make yourself memorable — to set yourself apart from all the others. We understand, which is why we want to help. Here are five tips to help you stay remembered through your customer service:

    Tip #1: Make a dynamic first impression. A potential … read more