• Heat Up Promotions with Hot and Cold Therapy

    The body’s healing process — no matter the injury or procedure — is not usually a fun one. Fortunately, hot and cold therapy can make a significant difference in getting people back to full health. It can especially help the healing process among dental patients for pain experienced after a tooth extraction, root canal, wisdom … read more

  • Let Freedom Ring with Independence Day Promotions

    Considering Independence Day is the most popular holiday for grilling, there will be lots of burgers, hot dogs, and favorite foods enjoyed for the 4th — along with longstanding traditions like parades and fireworks. It’s one of the favorite times of year for Americans as they celebrate their freedom.

    When it comes to name presence, … read more

  • Got Overstock?

    We are proud to offer overstock lip balm to our customers year-round! Don’t let the words “extra inventory” fool you into thinking it’s not a worthy product. On the contrary, our overstock offerings consist of fantastic options — it comes down to the simple fact that we have a lot of specialty lip balm! 

    What& … read more

  • Lip Balm, Orthodontics, and New Patients

    Orthodontics: It’s an industry you may work with on a regular basis, but do you know some of the difficulties that are common in the industry today?

    One of the biggest challenges that ortho offices currently face is acquiring new patients, in part because of the nature of the practice. Most patients get their teeth … read more

  • The Flavors of Summer

    It may not be summer yet, but our newest lip balm offerings will make you ready for summertime promotions! We are so excited to introduce four new EOSTM Lip Balm flavors to our promotional line: Wildberry, Passion Fruit, SPF 15 Lemon Twist, and SPF 30 Fresh Grapefruit!

    These lip balm spheres will make any custom imprint look dynamic, but what … read more

  • Mineral Sunscreen = Mighty Sun Protection

    Natural sunscreen is becoming increasingly preferred among customers today due to its benefits regarding safety, and mineral sunscreen in particular is gaining more traction than ever before. Given that we are in the sunscreen business, it’s something we’ve paid attention to — which is why we’re excited to now offer SPF 30 … read more

  • Savings to Put a Spring in Your Step

    “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” – Doug Larson

    Every spring brings with it the promise of new beginnings and opportunities, and we’re excited to share new opportunities for savings with our spring savings special! For a limited time, we’re offering EQP and free set-up on a … read more

  • Fostering Pollination in Cedar Rapids

    Considering we’re one of the world’s largest consumers of beeswax (think 250,000 gallons each month), we’re excited about a current initiative happening in our own backyard. It’s called the 1,000 Acre Pollinator Initiative, and it’s all about converting urban prairie into pollinator zones to help restore lost habitats … read more

  • A New Way to Promote

    Are you looking for a promotion that gives you flexibility with every product label you have printed? Variable data printing is a fantastic way to make it happen. The beauty of this method is that each label can feature its own number, code, name, or other piece of information to create a promotion that’s unlike anything else — yet … read more

  • Celebrate Beauty this Upcoming Earth Day

    The earth we live in provides so many experiences that bring beauty into our lives — it allows us to watch a stunning sunset in the distance, feel the cool morning breeze from our porch swing, hear the patter of rain against a window, and experience the warmth of pure sunshine in the wide open sky. The natural and most basic aspects of our … read more