• Celebrate Beauty this Upcoming Earth Day

    The earth we live in provides so many experiences that bring beauty into our lives — it allows us to watch a stunning sunset in the distance, feel the cool morning breeze from our porch swing, hear the patter of rain against a window, and experience the warmth of pure sunshine in the wide open sky. The natural and most basic aspects of our … read more

  • Hop Your Way to a Great Promotion

    Easter is around the corner, and we want to help you celebrate! We’ve thought of some ways to incorporate Easter festivities in your office by highlighting a few of our fantastic products. Read on, and then hop over to our products page to see more!

    EOSTM Lip Balm: Customize EOSTM Lip Balm and display it in a basket at your dental … read more

  • Silver Stars

    We’re so proud to have brought home some PPAI awards this year! We were the 2017 Supplier Star winner for our revenue category, and we also received two Silver Technology awards — one for Social Media and another for Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News. We had a really great time at the presentation ceremony on January 10 in Las … read more

  • Products Sure to (Sham)Rock!

    Three-leaf clovers, leprechauns, green beer, parades, and more characterize the March 17th holiday known across the world — and we believe promotional products are also worthy of the list! After all, it’s a great time to share your name, especially on items that people will use long after March is over.

    It can be easy to choose green- … read more

  • Your Spring Break Packing List

    Are you traveling somewhere warm for spring break? It’s a great time to discover a new place or revisit one that feels like home to you. Maybe a southern state with warm temperatures, or even a beach destination in the Caribbean? Wherever your plans take you, don’t forget to pack these products as you prepare for your trip!

    Sun Stick: … read more

  • Show Your Thanks

    National Employee Appreciation Day, which was established in 1995 by Dr. Bob Nelson with his company Workman Publishing, is celebrated on the first Friday of March every year. It’s a day devoted to extending thanks to employees across all industries, as employees are one of a company’s greatest assets. Because of this, … read more

  • Unique Uses for Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer: While it may not be the same as washing your hands with soap and water (the best way to clean your hands), it really does help prevent colds and defend against most infections. The key is to find sanitizer that contains 60% or more of an alcohol-based component, which we’re proud to say all of our sanitizer products … read more

  • Save the Day with Ibuprofen!

    POW! WHAM! KA-BANG! Our 2017 trade show theme has been revealed!

    Our sales representatives are…[cue triumphant superhero music] superheroes saving the day with Ibuprofen! Whatever customers you’re trying to reach, they want to you to know how Ibuprofen can save the day for you as well — for a variety of … read more

  • Be Mine, Valentine

    While there is more than one story about the history of Valentine’s Day, legend has it that it began in third-century Rome when the emperor made marriage for young men illegal because he felt single men made better solders than married men. Valentine, a young priest, resisted the decision and performed secret marriages for … read more

  • Smiling Made Easy

    “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” – Unknown 

    It’s true — a person’s smile is one of the first things others notice about them, and in order to create and maintain a stunning smile, we have to take good care of our teeth. For those who’ve had braces and now wear a retainer, this is& … read more