• Sneak Peek: 2018 Trade Show Theme

    We’ve been busy pulling together our 2018 trade show theme! Our preparation has included ordering clothing, accessories, and other fun items to make it one you won’t forget. What do you think it will be?

    To give you a hint, think about what these questions have in common:

    Why is a river rich?Which is the quietest sport?What word in … read more

  • Tools at Your Fingertips

    Do you know about the hidden gem on our website? We have a section designed specifically for distributors! It’s packed full of tools that are meant to save you time and effort as you reach out to customers and provide them with various materials.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you can find by section:

    Sales Tools: This category includes … read more

  • Holiday Gifting Made Easy

    Are you ready for the holidays as they draw closer? There’s so much to look forward to — lights, parties, gifts, hot cocoa, ornaments, Christmas trees, eggnog, mistletoe, stockings, Christmas music, sweet treats, family can you not love the time of year? We’re excited just thinking about it!

    To add to all the … read more

  • Naturally Good

    More and more, people are choosing to use body care products that are naturally good — that is, made with natural ingredients. Considering our line of work, we understand how important this is and believe natural really is the best.

    So what are some natural ingredients that are great for your lips and skin? Let’s take a look: … read more

  • Shine Bright

    Last month, we wrote a blog post that debunked some myths about breast cancer, and this month, we want to share why Natural Lip Shimmers are the perfect promo item to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October — plus some creative ways to get people excited about the cause!

    There are a number of notable attributes of our lip … read more

  • Sweeter than Candy

    Halloween is approaching — do you have your promotions ready? Rather than just going with candy this year, mix things up with practical promotional items. Here are some simple application ideas that will help customers stand out for the occasion:

    Retainer Case: Customize our Retainer Case with your logo and/or a Halloween message and give … read more

  • 12 Months of EOS Promotions

    Personalizing EOSTM Lip Balm is such a fun and recognizable way to draw attention to your name. We just love it, which is why we’ve come up with promotional ideas to correspond with an EOSTM flavor for every month of the year!

    January – National Blood Donor Month (Pomegranate Raspberry)Sponsor a blood drive and give each donor a … read more

  • Post-Care Treatment: A Smart Way to Promote

    “It’s the thought that counts.” This statement really is true when it comes to making people feel valued in a health care, wellness, or related setting. Why? Because those receiving treatment want to know that their health and well-being is a priority to their provider. In other words, they want to feel well cared for, and our … read more

  • Debunking the Myths and Promoting the Cause

    Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie? It can actually be really eye-opening in getting to know other people. When it comes to breast cancer, there are several lies, or myths, that are commonly believed as true. As you prepare to ramp up your breast cancer awareness promotions for October, it’s good to have knowledge about what … read more

  • Raining Rose: The Facts

    By now, you know that our expertise lies in making lip balm and other great personal care products, but we wanted to share some facts that you may not know about Raining Rose. Think of it as a way to get to know us better and more fully understand what’s involved for us to do what we do. Ready?

    We consume 250,000 gallons of … read more